InFocus: At Risk – Overcoming Alcohol Pamphlet


  • Discusses the concept of a safe level of drinking.
  • Addresses the hazards of alcohol abuse.
  • Lists signs of alcohol abuse and alcoholism.
  • Provides guidance on where to seek help for alcohol issues.
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[dropcap ]D[/dropcap]rinking alcohol is a common part of the American social scene for adults, but sometimes it is difficult for people to walk the line between being social and being destructive. When alcohol drinking becomes excessive to the point of alcohol abuse, it can easily spiral out of control developing into the difficult disease known as alcoholism.

Unfortunately, alcohol abuse and alcoholism are common struggles among many Americans. Today, 8.1 million Americans suffer from alcoholism, and 1 in every 12 adults has problems with alcohol abuse. With such large numbers of people having alcohol related issues, the negative effects are astounding. For example, 38 percent of all traffic-related deaths are alcohol-related, and alcoholics are five times as likely to die in traffic-related accidents. Over half of all reported incidents of domestic violence and homicides are alcohol-related, and one third of all suicides are alcohol-related.

With this In Focus pamphlet, readers will learn how to safely consume alcohol according to the standards of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse. Readers will also learn about the dangers that excessive drinking can pose to one’s health such as the risks of developing certain cancers, obesity, and the risk of developing a stroke and liver disease. The pamphlet covers the realities of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as well.

Not only will the reader learn about the many factors that can influence a person’s risk for alcohol abuse or developing alcoholism, but also they will learn that alcoholism is a disease that cannot be cured. Though it can be treated through counseling and medication, this In Focus pamphlet suggests abstinence as the only option for recovery.

Most importantly, this pamphlet will empower the reader with a list of warning signs of alcoholism and alcohol abuse. The readers can then become proactive through reading and retaining the valuable information from the “How to help” section. Alcohol abuse and alcoholism are not only dangerous to the abuser, but also to the people in the abuser’s environment. This In Focus pamphlet is an important guide that could possibly save many lives.

This pamphlet is also available in Spanish.

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